You Could Possibly Lose Your Memory When The Sex Is Over The Top – Study

Ever thought that your romp sessions when too good can make you lose your memory? Well most people would not imagine so, arguing that if sex is so good, it should have kept running over and over in your mind. Others say that sex ought to be mind blowing, leaving you with a smile at the end of the entire session. Well a new study in the Journal of Emergency Medicine seems to be disputing the fact that you ought to remember the sex when really good. According to the study, you should lose your memory when the sex is over the top.

Good Sex Can Really Erase Your Memory

The study posted in the journal reported several people to have reported amnesia cases following to an excellent sexual episode. One case of a woman who had lost her memory and reported to Georgetown university Hospital reportedly could not remember the events of the last two days prior to visiting the hospital. The only thing that she could remember happened before her admission was engaging in sex with her husband and within an hour, she started losing her memory. The woman was treated for transient global amnesia, a temporary type of amnesia.

What is amnesia

Amnesia is a general term that refers to loss of memory. The memory loss could either be temporary or in some cases permanent. A person affected by amnesia may partially remember some memories or totally be blacked out of their memories. Some types of amnesia may last a few seconds, minutes or even hours. Longer amnesia cases have been studied and the severity depends on the cause of the whole episode. A classic example of a person who has had amnesia is one who will first remember old memories and come working up the ladder to the newer memories.

Persons who have been shown to experience transient amnesia lost their memory for a short duration of time and improving memory within minutes or even hours of losing the memory. It is said that 3 – 5 people experience the amnesia condition every year per every 100000 people. Through rare, the condition is actually very alive. Even though the condition occurs, albeit in very low incidences, there is no reason attributed as to why it occurs.

According to Neurologists at the Institute for Neurological Research based in Buenos Aires, the condition causes alarm, even though it may not be a life threatening condition. The condition is benign, ythus very difficult for scientists to test for it or even know what could have caused the event.

The action prior to the event occurring, in this case a sexual episode can be pointed to as the reason that triggered transient amnesia in the patient.

Can Sex Trigger Amnesia?

The closest that scientists have come to explaining this rare phenomenon is in the neck as opposed to the brain as would have been thought. A study performed in 2010 by the Institute for Neurological Research performed sonograms on the necks of over 142 amnesiacs who had suffered transient amnesia in the last 7 days. The imaging results showed the fact that 80% of all the individuals had insufficiency in the jugular vein valves. This lacking of valves has thus been attributed as the reason as to why transient retrograde amnesia could be occurring.

The explanation that has been given as to why retrograde amnesia can occur following sexual episodes us that during sex, there is pressure released in the abdomen by the body. This pressure is released through a move referred to as the valsava maneuver, a move that is performed in sports, Depression affects your sex life. Further, blood pools into the pelvis when having sex, thus, a reduced blood pressure to the brain could be felt. It is as a result of this that scientists have attributed to the cause of retrograde amnesia.

What has not been cleared up is the reason as to why there will be very low incidence of the amnesia, even with the consideration that people engage in sex several times a day over their lifetimes, though the amnesia occurrence will only be a single event. More to this is that the valsava maneuver occurs all times when defecating, having sex or even in sports, thus there ought to be reason as to why the occurrence of the problem is a single event.

To prevent numerous similar events where amnesia occurs, scientists suggest that a regular medical checkup should be done and prompt visit to the hospital when you find you cannot remember various events occurring. It is hoped that a diagnostic test will be forthcoming in days to come, to prevent patients from spending days on end waiting for a diagnosis of a condition doctors understand little about its causes as well as treatment.