Why Bad Boys Get More Sex than the Average Joe

Bad boys are typically portrayed by Hollywood films as guys treating their women badly while still being able to get sex from them regularly. Well, the truth is, these films actually portray what really is happening between bad guys and women. Even if you are a jerk, women will still go for you. Why?

Well, there are subtle and not so subtle things women see in bad boys that are glaringly lacking in gentle and well-mannered men.

It seems that bad boys exude more sexual confidence than most average guys

Why Bad Boys Get More Sex than the Average Joe

A woman especially a very physically beautiful woman is attracted by a man overflowing with sexual confidence. It does not matter if a guy just wants to have a fling or a one-night stand or if the guy is the woman’s husband, fianc√© or boyfriend, a woman would likely fall for a man with this characteristic. Women are attracted to sexual, confident men like bees to honey. So if you acquire or develop a certain sexual confidence in yourself, it will definitely improve your sexual life.

A guy having sexual confidence in himself knows he can satisfy a woman which is, frankly speaking, the only way to gain sexual confidence. Honing your sexual skills to the point where you know you can fulfill the sexual desires of a woman regardless of time and place can make you ooze with this kind of confidence.

When a man has this, he takes the lead in sexual performance. The saying “I came, I saw, I conquered” can briefly sum up this whole notion of sexual confidence and it is climaxed (no pun intended) when the man takes control of the woman in the bedroom which the woman overwhelmingly desires.

Bad boys talk dirty.

Don’t believe in the thought that women don’t want dirty talk with a man. On the contrary, women are turned on like Christmas lights by dirty talk. You cannot, on a regular basis, give women really great sex without talking dirty to them. Women experience sex first and foremost mentally and when they are mentally into it their physical self follows. When you talk dirty to a woman, be manly confident and speak clearly and deeply. Also, the dirtier you talk to a woman, the more aroused she becomes. Go figure.

Bad boys make sure their women experience lots of orgasms.

Bad boys are so good in bed that they give their women multiple orgasms in one sexual encounter. Of course, women will keep on coming for more. Bad boys know where the G spot of women lay and they know how to use it to the delight of their women. They even know how to give women anal, nipple and squirting orgasms as well.