Why Are You Too Tired for Sex

Does being too tired for sex sounds surprising to you? You should know that 50% of American adults avoid sex because they claim they are too tired. This is really no surprise with the hectic workdays, house chores and taking care of the children. With a tired mind and body, it is only natural that you just want to rest and not engage in any physical activity at all, even if it’s sex. The lack of sleep and rest has decreased motivation to do other things than what is needed. However, this cannot be an excuse not to have sex with your wife or partner. Sex is very important in any relationship especially in marriage.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Why Are You Too Tired for SexA possible reason for being too tired for sex is your lifestyle. Do you eat a healthy diet? Do you exercise regularly? Do you get enough sleep every night? People who are healthy and have good sleeping habits are more sexually active compared to those who aren’t. People who are always on the phone or computer before going to sleep will not be inclined to have sex. To have more energy for sex, turn your last hour before bedtime into a relaxing time. Stop all the work, unwind and relax. If you are relaxed, you will feel more cozy with your partner and have more time to think about getting intimate.

Making Excuses

The next possible reason for being too tired for sex is just the lack of effort. People can use being sleepy or tired as an excuse to avoid sex but who are they kidding? Despite being tired all day, if a couple wants to have sex, they can. The problem here is not only the lack of effort but also the lack of attraction to one another. When a person is tired, the sexual attraction and appetite diminishes. To have more energy for sex, why not make an effort to seduce your lover by putting on some sexy lingerie. For men, you can give your lady a back rub or a massage to help her relax.

Right Timing

Sex doesn’t always have to happen at night. You can have sex with your partner in the morning, after napping or when the kids are away. If both of you are really tired after work, why not have sex in the morning when you have more energy? Having sex in the morning is pretty good exercise and it will give you a good mood throughout the day. To have more energy for sex, you should realize that both of you have needs to be intimate with one another. It doesn’t have to be sex all the time, cuddling and being close to one another is good too. If you respect each other’s need to be sexual, this should boost your sexual appetite more.