Top 12 Weight Loss Myths and the Truth Behind It

There are plenty of weight loss myths out there today and people actually believe the myths without knowing the truth behind it first. These myths usually evolve based on a principle but this does not make it true at all. Myths are false statements. You may be following a weight loss myth and wondering why the results are different from what you expect. To give you more information,

Here are 12 Weight Loss Myths in Losing Weight and The Truth Behind Them:

Top 12 Weight Loss Myths and the Truth Behind It
  • Losing weight is not always healthy. What you need to do is lose fat.
  • There is no such thing as negative calorie food. Peppers, coffee and tea can increase metabolism but they do not have negative calories.
  • Not all natural weight loss products are safe even though they use natural ingredients. There are natural ingredients that can cause allergic reaction or can react with other medications. A good example of an unhealthy natural ingredient is Ephedrine.
  • Losing weight does not mean you will stop eating your favorite foods. As long as you consume fewer calories a day, you can eat your favorite foods in moderation.
  • Eating low-fat or non-fat meals will bring the calories down. With meals, the important thing is the total calories and not the fat.
  • Fast foods should not be completely avoided. As pointed out, it is the calories you eat and burn off. You can eat fast foods if you can burn the calories and not even gain a single pound.
  • Skipping meals does not help you lose weight faster. In fact, it will make you eat more in the next meals. Small meals throughout the day are recommended.
  • Eating at night contributes to weight gain but it does not necessarily make you gain weight on its own. Studies show that if you eat plenty earlier in the day, you will feel less hungry. Eat more early in the day so you have more time burning the calories.
  • Nuts do not make you fat. It is healthy. Calories from nuts are excreted through stool. Nuts can make you eat less during the day too.
  • Portion control is not the best way to lose weight. Again, what matters is that you are able to burn more calories than you are taking in. Instead of portion control, count your calories. This is more effective in regulating your meals.
  • Desserts can be fattening in excessive amount but this does not mean that you cannot eat them. Deprivation will make you crave for more.
  • For people who love exercising, ditching dieting is not a good move. Dieting is a key to weight loss since you can control the calorie intake. If you can control the calories, there is no need to exercise doubly hard.

Did this list help debunk the weight loss myths you have heard of? Just keep in mind that in losing weight, it is not about depriving yourself and avoiding food. It is a matter of controlling calorie intake.