Weight Loss and Diet Tips from the Biggest Loser

Erin Benjamin 

‘The Biggest Loser’ started years ago on NBC as a reality show to help overweight people get healthy. The program included three trainers, who made three teams of contestants, and then took them from fat to fabulous by helping them with good old fashioned diet and exercise. The low calorie diet that is used on the show combined with the commitment to exercise is what keeps these people losing weight week after week and keeps them coming back for more.

Weight Loss and Diet Tips from the Biggest Loser

The diet follows a pyramid of 4, 3, 2, 1. That means four servings of fruit and vegetables, three servings of lean protein (meat, beans, etc.), and two servings of whole grains along with one ‘extra’ serving of their choice. The diet plan combines with a whole lot of exercise to help these people lose weight, improve their overall health, and get more energy out of their lives. If you are looking for diet tips and can’t put your life on hold to go on a TV show where you can exercise for 6 or more hours a day, here are some hints:

  • Use the diet program. The increase in fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins makes it easy for your body to get the nutrients that it needs. You will probably feel hungry from time to time if you’ve been eating a lot of processed foods or carbohydrates because this plan doesn’t have a lot of them.
  • Make time for exercise. Even if you don’t have hours every day to work out, try to find a little time. If you can increase your activity by even 50% at first, you’ll be on the track to success. If you want to be a real biggest loser, you need to commit every free second you have to working out so that you can get your body in shape.
  • Don’t give up on yourself if you have a bad week. The contestants on this show lose a lot of weight, but there are weeks where they don’t, too. If you are following the rules, you shouldn’t get down on yourself regardless of what happens.

Losing weight is as much a mindset as it is having a good plan. When you are focused and committed and use a plan that’s based on plain old exercise and diet changes, you should be successful.