ViSwiss Side Effects – What to Expect

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Unlike some other products people use to treat erectile dysfunction, harmful ViSwiss side effects just don’t exist. Because this is an herbal supplement, there are several different herbs contained in the product that actually provide added benefits. It is a very safe product that helps sexual performance and also a sense of general wellness. Designed primarily for sexual enhancement, people who take ViSwiss may be surprised to find that in addition to better sexual performance and heightened libido, they feel better in other ways, too.

Some of the ingredients in ViSwiss help overall well-being. Where other products have long lists of potential risks, the only ViSwiss side effects are actually a result of the additional herbs included that have a positive impact. It has Gingko Biloba, which improves memory and reaction time, reduces tension and anxiety, and restores energy. It also has L-arginine, an herb used for stimulating protein synthesis, enhancing sperm production and also aiding general healing processes. Korean Ginseng is used by many people as a sleep aid and to stimulate the appetite. Each ingredient in ViSwiss is carefully chosen for optimal benefits.

Five percent of ViSwiss users report a mild flushing of the face for the first few days of use. Some may consider this one of the ViSwiss side effects but it’s completely harmless. This facial redness disappears within a few days of beginning to use the herbal supplement. It is a normal result of the strong blood circulation induced by the ingredients and is an important factor in achieving the desired results. After using the product two to three times, the body adjusts to the increased blood circulation and the facial redness subsides. This reddening of the face is not harmful and goes away relatively quickly, and does not indicate that product is not working or that the person should stop taking it.

The use of alcohol is not recommended for people who are taking ViSwiss, but of course, some people choose to do so. No ViSwiss side effects result from the use of alcohol with the product. Most people who decide to drink while taking this supplement find that it doesn’t keep it from being effective. For best sexual enhancement results, it is better to wait two to three hours after taking ViSwiss to drink alcohol. Many other products require taking them on an empty stomach or avoiding certain foods and drinks while taking them. ViSwiss can be taken with food and alcohol, which makes it much more convenient to use than other sexual enhancement products on the market.

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