Natural Weight Loss Aids

Losing weight is an endeavor that takes commitment and dedication. When you have the right knowledge, mindset and tools then you have better chances of achieving your weight loss aspirations. Aside from proper exercise and following a good balanced diet, there are also natural weight loss aids that can help you look fitter and sexier in no time.

Green Tea

Natural Weight Loss Aids

There’s no question about green tea’s ability as it has been used for so many years and in several countries in losing weight. Green tea contains a substance called catechin which was found by studies as an effective calorie burner. Japanese studies claim that drinking green tea of at least five cups during the day can burn at least 70 calories.


According to Andrea Beaman, HHC, AADP, this artificial sweetener helps you contain your sugary craving such as cakes and soda. Beaman also adds that indulging in too many artificial sweeteners destroys the taste palette. In turn, a naturally sweet food such as eating an apple may be perceived by the brain as not too sweet. This leads to craving for more sugar and eventually ruins your diet.


Taurine has long been a staple ingredient in energy drinks because it’s been found to relieve fatigue in the muscles. Recent researches show that Taurine taken by mice which were on high fat diet were prevented from being obese. Furthermore, Taurine also remarkably reduced weight and blood sugar among diabetic mice.


Carnitine is a well-known fat transporter. It transports fat from the bloodstream to the mitochondria where it can be burned. It also helps in breaking down fat deposits and subsequently helps in weight loss. Studies found that taking carnitine, together with vitamins and minerals helps a person lose at least 15 pounds in two months.


Chromium is a trace amount beneficial in increased sensitivity to insulin. When the body has no or little chromium, insulin’s activity is inhibited resulting to increased blood sugar. Clinical trials show that people who took 200mg of chromium were able to build more lean muscles than those who did not. When the body has leaner muscles, there is little room for body fat and the calorie-burning process becomes so much faster.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is an important substance that transports fat and break it down into forms of energy. Studies found that overweight people were deficient of this substance by at least 52%. Furthermore, people who are on low-calorie diet can help accelerate their weight loss when the body is supplemented with 100mg of Coenzyme Q10.


Following a prescribed diet and exercise, plus taking these natural weight loss aids is beneficial in achieving your ideal weight. Since they are natural weight loss aids, they are also less prone to side effects. Just follow the recommended amount and you’ll be able to lose weight safely and effectively.