Tobacco Use Disorders – Treating them with MAT Should be the Solution

If you suffer from a substance use disorder and you think you can’t get over your addiction, this article will prove you otherwise. The discussion will be focused on tobacco use disorders.

Tobacco is damaging for the human body in different ways. Cigarettes contain no less than 500 ingredients. Once they are lighted up, they release over 5000 types of chemicals and most of them are toxic to the human body. Some of these chemicals are responsible for the apparition and development of cancer.

The mortality of people who smoke is three times higher than the mortality of people who never smoke, even though passive smoking (inhaling the smoke) can be just as damaging as smoking itself.

Smoking can cause poor vision[1], it is an appetite suppressant, it can cause blood clotting, constricted blood vessels, high cholesterol, bad teeth, erectile dysfunction, and infertility, among others.

You have all reasons to try your best to quit smoking and treat your addiction. One of the methods to do that is represented by Medication Assisted Treatment therapy, also known as MAT.

Understand the addiction symptoms

Understand the addiction symptoms

As long as you notice the symptoms, it will be easier to apply and respect therapy. When struggling with tobacco addiction, you might feel a sense of overwhelm. The circumstances will be stressful, you will experience denial and self-pity.

The state of anxiety, failure, despair, and frustration might also be present. All these represent the reasons why you don’t want to combat a tobacco use disorder on your own. Getting emotional support in order to help your body stay away from tobacco is the best decision to prevent relapse[2].

Treat the disorder with MAT

Tobacco disorders can be treated with MAT, which is a combination of counseling and medication. Medication is used to reduce the damaging effect of your body craving the respective substance (in this case, tobacco) and block the pleasing sensation that comes with using it.

Counseling helps with facing the emotional overreaction coming from restricting your body access from tobacco. Prescription medication together with the support coming from a psychologist should be the answer for treating such an addiction disorder.

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Avoid relapse

Avoid Relapse

After applying Medication Assisted Treatment therapy,there is a final step that needs to be respected in order to call the whole experience a success – avoiding relapse. First of all, keep yourself away from triggers.

Stay away from the smell of tobacco and leave the room when someone is smoking, at least until you are completely cured of your addiction. The craving for the substance will lessen in time, so build patience and resistance.

Replace the use of the substance with other activities that are positive for your health. Come up with a new hobby or something to keep your mind occupied when the urge to use the substance comes in. Avoid getting fully dependent on medication and focus more on counseling and building the necessary motivation to stay clean.

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