The Truth behind Walking As A Means Of Weight Loss

Exercise can be done simply by having regular walks around the park or anywhere in your place. Walking is definitely a good way to burn off that stored fat in your body. But some folks seem to be skeptical about this way of losing weight, as they think that it is not so much of an activity that can actually remove some pounds off your weight.

It might be a lighter task compared to other exercise routines, but walking is a good way to burn fats. To be able to burn more efficiently, one must reach the recommended intensity that a walk must have to be able to get weight-control benefits. By having brisk walks, at an hour or so each day, one will get to burn up to 300 extra calories. That means, if you this regularly, you could lose about 10 lbs. after six months.

Carrying Out the Walk

The Truth behind Walking As A Means Of Weight Loss
  • One must pump their arms while walking. This can be done by positioning your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees and swinging them naturally to and fro to put more intensity.
  • Keep a good posture. Having a straight posture will give you more ease as it releases tension on the back, shoulder and neck and it also allows you to breathe more easily.
  • Keep up the pace. This means you have to walk briskly or fast enough to reach an intensity that will help you burn more calories. Walking at an ideal pace of 3.5 miles per hour means that you are on the right track.
  • Have short steps. You get power for your walk by pressing down with your back leg and the foot. By having shorter and quicker steps, you’ll get to heighten up the speed of your walk.
  • Observe your intensity. Think as if you’re in a rush for a meeting, you can make instances like this as a reference point to your intensity.
  • Walk within an adequate amount of time. The ideal time for a good walk for exercise is about 30 up to 60 minutes. You can use your iPod as time reference or simply just any mobile you have with you.
  • Zing up the walk. Have something that boosts up your energy. You can listen to up-beat music while you walk. Listening to music will also keep you from distraction that may cut off your walking routine.


Walking is a way to lose weight, as long as it is carried out in at the right way, that is, in a brisk way. This exercise not only helps you lose weight but is also beneficial for the over-all health of the body. So if you aim to lose weight, spend those leisure walks later and start to up the pace.