The Solution to any Health Problem – Honey

The best type of honey is the spring, pure honey. It neutralizes the slime and other types of high humidity, removing the exhaustion and weakness, also constipation, the resistance to drink, and can do wonders to women by improving their ovary functioning, stops bleeding(or dripping wounds)also heals scabies(itching) and if used with garlic extract can prevent eye illnesses. When you use it with ammonia honey heals skin creases and lunches and when mixed with black seed oil, it withdraws back and joint pain, and increases your sexual power. Acne and spots will be easily removed by the mix of honey and vinegar or salt; a bloated stomach can also be relieved by drinking honey and water, it also satisfies the thirst and if used by a pregnant woman it can do a miracle by removing the hardships of post-maternal bleeding.

Devoted researches have written in their books about all the healing attributes bee honey has, and which specific elements those are in its composition. We will not exaggerate when we talk about honey we actually talk about its secret witch, despite all the scientific researches the secret has yet to be discovered.

The Lord in his holy book said to the bee:”Make yourself a house on the hills and in the deeps and in that what people have made, you may feed yourself with all the different fruits and afterwards follow the Lord’s path obediently! From their womb flows a various color liquid that is the peoples cure. Indeed that is a proof for people who think.”
His following words were: “Cure yourself with the holy book and honey”
Our ancestors have used to honey the cure stomach aches.

Maybe we should conclude that the cure has to be taken in a certain dose which must be compatible with the state of the illness. If the patient takes an insufficient dose the illness will not be completely healed, and if the patient get a bigger dose he becomes weak and he gets hardships. And that is why when pills are consumed there is a prescribed daily dose to prevent any harm to the patient. So that is why the cure must be taken at several moderate doses, at the beginning the problems will be dissipating and after several doses the illness will be completely removed(cured).For problems with skin lichens , just cook together honey and fresh dill and a longer period use of the same mix should do the job. Salt and honey can be a cure for ear pain, just a drip inside will help relief the pain, also it can be used to cure mouth problems, and just a rinse of the same mix in the mouth and throat can heal freckles.

And the same mix is used for removing acne (or pimples), it can mend a sore throat. Honey improves the urinary excretion, and if consumed warm and mixed with fried butter (oil or grease) it can heal coughing, and if consumed without removing the foam it is useful for expectoration and removing the mucous. When fried with flower and applied on festering spots (acnes, pimples) the mixture opens them up and squeezes out the pus.
We can conclude that bee honey has countless healing properties; no matter how it is used it is the answer to all diseases.

Zekirija Kain is a health writer and licensed nutritionist with nearly a decade of professional experience. He has written a number of articles on health.