Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Men all over the world would want to know the secret in increasing testosterone levels. The main reason why they want to do so is to improve their sex life. To an athlete or bodybuilder, on the other hand, the need to add testosterone in the body is to help them develop enormous muscles as fast as possible without the need for illegal and dangerous anabolic steroids.

Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Most of us may not know it but women also desire increasing their body with testosterone to help them improve their work or activities. One established way of adding testosterone in the body is through testosterone replacement therapy. Both male and female can utilize this to help address some of the specific sexual problems.

When men reach their 30s, their level of testosterone decreases each year by 2% until the day they die. Women also gradually will experience diminishing testosterone levels from age of 20 to their 40s. After menopause, their testosterone decline will stop. So we can see that upping the level of testosterone in a man will improve his sex life.

Lack of adequate testosterone can lead to impotence in men. Very little testosterone in women can make them sexually unresponsive and cause weak orgasms. These issues are important enough for both sexes find a way to increase their testosterone levels. Increasing testosterone levels can also lead to a leaner body, therefore make one more sexually attractive to the other.

Increasing Your Testosterone

As mentioned above one way to increase testosterone is with testosterone replacement therapy. There are other kinds of replacement therapies and these include:

  • Testosterone pellets placed subdermally
  • Oral androgens
  • Injections
  • Transdermal patches

Each of these procedures has its own pros and cons. The way to increase testosterone level in men may be done differently than in women. One should know that a man has 20X more testosterone in his blood than in a woman’s. So it is important to know the safe dosage level of a man and woman while performing the testosterone replacement therapy.

Tribulus Terrestris

One way to increase testosterone level is by taking a supplement with tribulus terrestris in it. This herb increases luteinizing hormone, which stimulates the pituitary gland into producing and releasing testosterone in the blood. Tribulus terrestris is a plant that is safe to use and has no known side effects

The Bulgarian weightlifting team consistently wins Olympic gold medals and some of the reasons of its success are its weightlifters’ regularly intake of tribulus terrestris.

Boosting your testosterone level also helps in addressing problems that are commonly experienced by middle aged people. These can be malaise, fatigue, osteoporosis and depression. Indeed, having enough testosterone will give your body its much needed boost against some medical conditions, keep your muscles healthy and enable you to have an enjoyable sex life.