Revealing the Remedies for Male Impotence

Male impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of the most dreaded ailments among men. Some consider it very emasculating when one is struggling against impotence. One should not worry too much because there are many treatments for impotence that can be done under hospital settings and even at home.

To cut things short, let us go over the solutions for erectile dysfunctions.

Vacuum Pump

Revealing the Remedies for Male Impotence

This plastic cylinder is placed over the organ to suck the air and produce pressure inside it that will later on force the blood into the sex organ. This is a direction simulation of the body processes that transpire during an erection. The erection will be sustained when a retrain is placed at the end of the penis to prevent bleeding.

Medications against Impotence

Some treatments for impotence involve intake of drugs and surgical procedures. We carefully analyzed and selected the best cures for impotence.


This drug works fast (less than one hour after ingestion) and allows the man to maintain erections for several hours. One should be sexually aroused first before Viagra takes effect. Viagra is one of the widely used drugs as treatment for impotence.

Transurethral Therapy

A small pellet of drug will be inserted in the urethra (urine-carrying tube that runs through the penis) so that it will be absorbed in the erectile sensors of the penis. Fast results are achieved in less than ten minutes.

Prosthesis to Correct Dysfunctions

Semi-rigid implant maintains the hardness of the organ at all times but it still can be bended when not in use. Hydraulic implant only works upon the activation of the pump placed inside the scrotum.


You have to inject a drug in your penis if you want to have an erection to perform the intercourse. In less than fifteen minutes, the drug will take effect.

Prevention is Better than Cure

There are some improvised but holistic approaches to correct erectile dysfunctions without the need for operations and medical strategies. We will layout the ways so that you will be able to treat and prevent the onset of impotence.

  • Excrete some toxic wastes by sweating. A daily exercise will improve overall well-being of the body aside from favoring proper blood circulation around the penis.
  • Stay away from foods rich in fats and preservatives.
  • Make sure to eat a balanced diet thrice a day but less at night.
  • Lessen cholesterol intake so that flow of blood will not be blocked.
  • Let the fibers from fruits and vegetables free your body from toxins and harmful substances.
  • Refuse foods that are rich in caffeine because they make you more susceptible to stress.
  • Get sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals to boost normal body functions and processes.
  • See to it that you get adequate rest and sleep to help your body recharge from tiresome activities.
  • Take herbal supplements that reverse impotence.

Indeed, many men are not capable of erections but this guide tells you not to worry because there are thousands of ways to stay away from the dilemma. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle summarizes all the alternative procedures that help fight impotence.