The Return of Diet Pills in the US

Americans are getting bigger. In fact, according to research the average U.S. citizen is a lot heavier than in the past decades and more than 66% of Americans are now overweight. Moreover, over 33% of US adults are now clinically obese. This is one of the major reasons why diet pills and other weight loss products are more popular than ever.

Weight loss is now a multi-billion dollar industry that lures thousands of products from different companies claiming to offer the solution to weight loss. After 13 years of absence, the return of diet pills in the US is occurring. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have currently allowed the sale of diet pills on the market.

The Details

Diet pills or weight loss drugs have had a bad track record over the last few decades. Negative side effects such as heart-related issues and other adverse reactions to the user of such drugs made FDA reluctant in approving a single weight loss medication for about 13 years now.

However, the FDA has recently approved two new drugs namely Qsymia and Belviq which are believed to prompt the comeback of diet pills in the US. Both weight loss drugs are intended to target the obesity problem.

According to their manufacturers, Qsymia and Belviq can potentially aid in achieving a moderate weight loss, provided that a healthy diet and exercise program will be incorporated. The term “moderate weight loss” means around 5-10% of body mass in one year. Also, the drugs may help in the fight against weight-related health problems such as diabetes.

Basically, these weight loss supplements would help control food cravings and fight the body’s natural starvation response to weight loss. The drugs look very promising and many experts are optimistic that these will be helpful in the battle against obesity.

However, the main concern of experts is the possible side effects that are still being studied. Some possible side effects include birth defects and interference with other drugs. Due to the freshness of these drugs, long-term side effects are still very unclear.


The return of diet pills in the US has begun. The increasing weight of Americans along with the rising obesity is a big problem that needs solution. However, is medication the only solution? There are definitely several other solutions like early education about dieting and exercise programs for overweight kids.

Even the first lady Michelle Obama has a weight control program for kids because of the obvious weight problem today. Medications like diet pills should only be the last resort especially because of the possibility of several side effects with these drugs. A good weight loss program which includes diet and exercise is always the best solution for healthy weight loss and management. Don’t you agree?