How Does Resveratrol Work?

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Are Resveratrol Capsules Effective in Weight Loss?

Losing weight is a battle many people face every day. The number of obese people today is a telltale sign that our lifestyle has become so unhealthy it came to a point that you do not only tremendously gain weight, but also the life-threatening diseases associated with it.

Osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks are just some of the conditions that come along with being obese. That being said, it is important to make lifestyle changes in order to cater to the ideal function of your body. Eating a good diet and regular exercise are fast sounding clichés.However, they remain to be the most steadfast ways in losing weight.

But no matter how much we diet and try to exercise, sometimes we just lose heart. When this happens, we end up taking supplements in hopes that it will finally be the answer. Resveratrol is a compound commonly found in wines, grapes and nuts that claim to serve a myriad of health benefits, including weight loss.

What is Resveratrol?

Specifically known as polyphenol, Resveratrol is naturally-occurring compound that’s believed to pose several health advantages. Several studies have been conducted regarding the effects of polyphenol in the body and how it can possibly help inlosingweight, defy aging and even extend human’slife span. It may all be overwhelming to take in that a single substance can do all these, however, researches show significant evidence that this compound is very beneficial.

In the realm of weight loss, German studies found that after testing Resveratrol to primates for four weeks showed reduction of food intake as well as a decrease in gain of body mass. It also showed that the primates felt more satiated or full for a longer period of time and has increased metabolic rate while at rest.

What it Do?

Today, Resveratrol capsules are available to aid in weight loss. Concentrated forms of this compound, such as those that come in pills are believed to rev up the metabolic processes. This action enables the body to burn more calories and use fats as energy instead of storing them up.

It is also found to increase the amount of estrogen in the body, a hormone associated with weight gain. The more estrogen there is, the more the body is able to build more lean mass and prevent fat formation.


The clinical tests conducted on this compound show that it is an effective aid in weight loss. Most people are seeking ways to build more lean mass and burn more calories in order to keep their bodies fit. However, it should also be noted that the tests were done on primates and not on humans.

Furthermore, it should only be considered as a weight loss supplement and should not replace a good diet and regular exercise.

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