ProShape RX Review – How Safe and Effective Is This Supplement?

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Erin Benjamin 

ProShape RX is a great supplement that can help you lose weight both safely and effectively – with the amount of people currently struggling to lose weight many people are turning to weight loss supplements and other products that will give them a helping hand.

With this in mind, we have decided to do a review on the supplement known as ProShape RX, this is definitely one to take into consideration if you have recently been struggling to lose weight or keep the weight off – we’ll be giving you more details below.

ProShape RX Overview

ProShape RX

The ProShape RX supplement is a very effective tool if you want to lose weight and keep it off, the key ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii which is a herb that has been proven to promote weight loss in the individual. The supplement comes in a convenient capsule form and can be taken before your main meal of the day.

We’ll be giving you more details of ProShape RX for weight loss throughout this article. One thing that should be noted however, is that you should always use weight loss supplements in addition with a low-calories meal plan and an effective exercise routine. Don’t expect results by just taking weight loss supplements alone.

Key Ingredients

This product is so effective simply because it uses one key ingredient to provide you with the desired effects – fortunately there are zero ingredients that are used as fillers and this means that you get a higher-quality product that will get you better results in a shorter amount of time.

Within the capsules of this product you will find pure Hoodia Gordonii extract – this is a herb that has been proven to be an effective ingredient for people who are trying to lose weight.

How It Works?

The product works so well because it contains only the ingredient that we have talked about above – 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii extract, nothing more and nothing less. This ingredient can be very effective in helping people lose weight as it can do numerous things to your system.

First and foremost, it can give you a boost in your metabolism meaning that you will lose more weight throughout the day without doing any additional exercise or eating a lesser amount of food. In addition to this, the product also works in numerous other ways such as suppressing your appetite, increasing your confidence, increasing your energy levels and so much more!

Pros & Cons

The biggest pro to this product definitely has to be that it simply works! The product says that it will do numerous things to your body such as increase your metabolism, increasing your confidence and more and it really does do this – you should always remember to use this supplement alongside a solid diet and nutritional plan however.

The only con to this product would have to be the fact that you have to purchase it online – however, with the amount of online shopping that is done today that probably won’t be too much of a problem for most people.

Side Effects

One of the best things about this product has to be the fact that the side effects really are limited – as long as you stick to the recommended dosage then there is no reason why you should experience any side effects at all. As mentioned above, the key ingredients is Hoodia Gordonii extract which is a herb and so the ingredient is completely natural.

Please see the section below for more information on side effects and dosage instructions (which will have an impact on the side effects).

Dosage Instructions

When you receive your product you will see a label with dosage instructions and recommendations. It’s very important that you follow these instructions and recommendations as this is the circumstances under which the product has been tested – if you go over the recommended dosage then there is a possibility that you could experience some unwanted side effects.

Some people even opt to use half of the recommended dosage on their first time simply so they can assess their tolerance and see what kind of effects they experience at half of the dosage – this might be something to take into consideration.


With the amount of people currently struggling to lose weight – the ProShape RX supplement might be just the tool that we need to finally shed off those stubborn pounds. However, always remember that you should never take supplements on their own and expect good results from it – only take supplements alongside a good diet and training regime.

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