Mental and Emotional Stress and Premature Ejaculation

There is a large correlation between premature ejaculation and mental and emotional stress in males. Men with a great deal of stress in their minds are often unable to perform satisfactorily in bed and when they are unable to perform well in bed, it even increases their stress level all the more.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Mental and Emotional Stress and Premature EjaculationPremature ejaculation is often metally-based and can develop from previous bad sexual experiences. It can also be due to a hurried up sexual performance to prevent the man from being caught. These experiences can become programmed into a man’s brain that it can become habitual.

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, then you need to assess your life and see the factors that have led and are sustaining this problem. Sometimes your past sexual experiences may just be one among many factors that are causing stress in your mind which in turn eventually affect your body. All the positive things you have in life like personal relationships and commitments, your house, family and job are blessings you enjoy which sometimes can be overwhelming as well. If you are not good at handling situations, it will lead to mental and emotional heaviness which can take a heavy toll on your sexual life.

No Known Cure for Premature Ejaculation

The worst thing about experiencing premature ejaculation is that, there is no easy treatment or cure for this problem. Constantly worrying about this condition can make it worse and yet it is not easy not to think about it especially if you have a partner who you think deserves to be adequately sexually satisfied. When you are thinking about ejaculating while you are having intercourse, most likely, you will experience premature ejaculation.

Some mainstream anti-depressant medications can aid depression and anxiety which are major factors that cause erectile dysfunction as well as in premature ejaculation. There are no known medications made exclusively for premature ejaculation problems. But to help overcome the problem, doctors usually prescribe anti-depressant as a temporary relief from this condition. It is All Relative.

It is also important to point out that premature ejaculation can be a relative term between partners. A man who can fully fulfill the desires of a woman within 5 minutes and reaches orgasm almost at the same time may not be seen as prematurely ejaculating by the female. If a woman reaches her climax in 15 to 20 minutes while man experiences orgasm in about 10 to 12 minutes of their intercourse, it can be considered as premature ejaculation on the part of the man technically speaking. Sometimes it pays to have a man perform foreplay on the woman to arouse her earlier and make her experience orgasm earlier than the man.