Make a Choice – How Not to Let Decisions Take Over Your Life

Life is full of decisions. From whether to have a roast beef or turkey sandwich for lunch to deciding whether or not to buy a home, the range of decisions we make over a lifetime varies from insignificant to life-changing. Most people enjoy having a few options to choose from, but, sometimes, those choices are fraught with anxiety. People wonder whether or not they’re making the right decision, especially when it comes to the bigger decisions in life. In order not to lose all of your joy in life because you’re so worried about making the wrong decisions, you have to learn how to think differently about the decisions you make.

Make a Choice

The reason that most people are so eaten up with anxiety over the decisions they have to make is because they are only considering the worst-case scenarios. “What if this decision doesn’t pan out?” they fret. “What if things go wrong?” In cases like these, one way how to think differently about the decisions you make is to add to that line of thinking, “What if this decision does pan out?” and “What if everything goes right?” It balances out anxiety with the possibility of contentment or fulfillment that could come with making this decision. It’s important to consider possible consequences, but don’t forget about the positive consequences.

Another reason that people get so overwrought when making decisions is that they just can’t seem to think about anything besides the outcome. But one of the best ways how to think differently about the decisions you make is to consider not only the outcome, but also the journey. The experience of thinking through a decision can help you to grow and mature as a person. Even if the choice you make doesn’t pan out in the end, there’s still some value to learning from the experience. It helps not to be so afraid of making the wrong decision that it keeps you from acting.

Remember, too, that making a decision isn’t always about what’s right in an objective sense. Sometimes, the right decision is about making yourself feel good at that moment. And it’s not always about what you think. Sometimes, the best way how to think differently about the decisions you make is not to focus solely on what you think, but also to consider how you feel. Remember that your feelings are just as important as your thoughts.

Ultimately, when considering how to think differently about the decisions you make, remember that, in the grand scheme of things, most of the decisions you make won’t have a lasting significance on your life. Give adequate weight to the decisions according to the significance they have on your life. Don’t agonize over whether or not you should have a roast beef or a turkey sandwich for lunch. Have roast beef today and turkey tomorrow. And even when it comes to big decisions, remember that the journey is just as important as the ultimate decision, and remember that you can still live a full life, even if this decision doesn’t go the way you planned it.