Large Waistline – Increased Mortality Rate Linked to Obesity

Although excess weight and obesity is linked to a wide variety of different health problems, a study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that where the weight is carried also can make a huge difference. Individuals with a large waistline have a higher mortality rate than those with a small waistline, for many different potential reasons. While there are a number of risk factors involved, the study looks at the correlation between waist size and mortality. There may be a link between body shape, metabolism, and the incidence of contracting fatal diseases.

Large Waistline

The idea that a large waistline is linked to an increased risk of certain diseases is nothing new. This includes heart complications, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes, among other weight-related disorders. One theory to explain this correlation is that when there is an excessive amount of weight surrounding the body’s major organs inside the midsection, the organs can be more easily stressed and damaged by disease. However, when the excess weight is more evenly distributed, according to this same theory it would be easier for the body to carry on with the stress without as much of a chance of developing organ damage or disease.

To help prove this theory, the study looked at over 104,000 individuals, all aged 50 years and above. Their medical histories, waistline measurements, and lifestyle factors were all vastly different, however. With this information in hand, the researchers were then able to see how the individuals with large waistlines compared to those with smaller waistlines. Using the body mass index as one way of measuring each individual in comparison to others, the study showed that those who had a larger waistline were up to twice as likely to develop health issues down the road.

The conclusion of this study is that those who are suffering from obesity, and particularly those with a large waistline, have a much higher chance of contracting deadly diseases over time than their counterparts who don’t. While more research is needed to understand why exactly excess weight around the midsection can be so deadly, for the moment it’s recommended that all individuals try to maintain a healthy weight and figure through a combination of diet and exercise. There are certain exercises that are better than others for whittling waistlines. Swimming and running are excellent for improving overall cardiovascular health.

Individuals who want to reduce their mortality rate by getting rid of their large waistline might also want to look into toning exercises such as yoga, which is ideal even for those who are somewhat out of shape to begin with. Retraining the body to sit with a proper alignment, while focusing on breathing exercises, is an excellent way to get into shape. It’s also important to remember that genetics plays a role in where weight chooses to distribute itself in the body, so some individuals may just be more prone to putting on weight around their midsection.

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