Itchy Lips And Allergy Treatment: What Is Reason Of These Itchy Lips?

Many of us know that the lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, yet so few of us give a second thought to our lip health. We do not take care to protect them from the sun, nor do we pay attention to the ingredients in the products that we slather on them. Our lips are just like our skin, and can have reactions and infections as well. One of these is itchy lips.

What Are Itchy Lips?

Itchy Lips

Itchy lips is a condition that affects the lips for one of may reasons. It is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful condition of the lips that will affect most of us at least once in our lifetimes. Itchy lips are usually easily diagnosed and treated.

Allergies – Millions of people are allergic to things like shellfish and peanuts. Some people are so sensitive to their allergy, that even coming into contact with it can cause a reaction like itchy lips.

Reactions – We put all kinds of things on our lips. Glosses, lipsticks, and moisturizers are just some of the things that we use regularly. All of these things could cause you to have itchy lips. Take care when trying new products.

Infections – Illnesses such as an upper respiratory infections can cause itchy lips. If you have herpes simplex stomatitis (cold sores) this can also be cause.

Sun Poisoning – Just like the rest of your skin, too much sun is not a good thing for your lips. You can get sun poisoning, or your lips can have an allergic reaction to the sunlight, both of which can lead to itchy lips.

Dry, Cold Weather – Most of us experience chapped lips in dry, cold weather. These conditions can also cause itchy lips, mostly because of a lack of moisture.

Vitamin Deficiency – A more serious condition that can cause itchy lips is a vitamin deficiency. Celitis results in redness and itchiness of lips and is caused by a deficiency of the vitamin B12 in ones diet.

Vitamin A Toxicity – Having too much Vitamin A in your diet can be the culprit behind itchy lips. Usually, with a Vitamin A toxicity it is not just the lips that are affected, the skin is as well.

Physical Trauma – A preexisting injury on your lips can also cause you to develop itchy lips. A small cut or abrasion is all that it takes. Irritation from dentures is one of the leading causes of itchy lips.

Cancer – Oral cancer can cause itchy lips. However, itchy lips alone are not an indicator of cancer. With cancer there will be other signs such as sores and bleeding.

Symptoms of Itchy Lips

The signs of itchy lips are not difficult to spot, and it can be easy to treat. If you have itchy lips, you may experience lips that look swollen and cracked. You may also have a dry lip line around one or both of your lips. In some cases of itchy lips there may be bleeding or a burning sensation.

Treatment For Itchy Lips

In most cases itchy lips is easy and inexpensive to treat. In the case of an allergy, you will want to follow up with your doctor and avoid what ever your allergy may be. If you have had a reaction to a product that you have used, discontinue using that product. In the case of sun poisoning, vitamin deficiency or toxicity, or you think you may have oral cancer, see your doctor. For itchy lips caused by weather conditions or from physical trauma to your lips, you can find many lip treatments at your local pharmacy.

Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. They need care and protection as well. Use a lip balm with sun protection in it. Protect them from the elements with moisturizers. Treat your luscious pouty lips just as well as you treat your skin, and they will thank you for it.