How to Manage Your Shyness – Keys to Overcoming Shyness

At Its Core, Shyness is Simply Fear

The fear of how others will perceive you. Whether it’s in the middle of conversation or the absolute inability to start one, shyness is a horrible thing to deal with. It affects your ability to have fun, form relationships, and function in social settings. It can hold you back in your career as well as your personal life. Overcoming shyness is tough but very doable. It will take work and determination, but these steps are the basic foundation you can use to find the confidence you need and overcome the shyness that has been holding you back for so long.

How to Manage Your Shyness

First, try to recognize the signs of shyness and reduce thi when you’re talking to others. Fidgeting, blushing, and other physical signs combine to reduce your confidence when you’re speaking with others. Eye contact is a major point that needs to be focused on and something that most shy people fail to do. It may be hard to do, but work at maintaining eye contact whenever you talk with other people. It will not only improve their perception of you but will also boost your own self confidence greatly. And self confidence is really the key to overcoming shyness.

Admitting that you are shy is often a good idea if you feel that it is affecting your actions and conversation. Simply mentioning that you are shy and that you could be struggling with the probli is a very acceptable action and will likely help someone else form a better opinion of you, since you’ve not only shown that you’re b enough to admit your shortcomings, but have also let thi know that you aren’t merely arrogant or aloof. Once you have admitted that you’re shy you may even find yourself less focused on your problem and more able to make good conversation, which will in turn help build your confidence and overcome shyness.

Finally, don’t dwell on the outcome of social interactions. Something as trivial as a wave that isn’t returned isn’t worth dwelling on. Most likely someone didn’t see you as opposed to not liking you. And even if they did see you, their reasons for not wanting to interact are likely their own fault and not yours. It is vital that you learn to overcome fears and self-doubt if you hope to overcome shyness. Once you have built up your confidence you’ll likely notice that your shyness is fading into memory.