How to Deal With Knee Pain

The knees are probably the most overworked part of the body. After all, it can carry the weight of the body and allow the body to do so much more. But when the knees are in pain, the person can also become crippled from doing his daily activities. There are several reasons for this, thus we should know how to deal with knee pain properly.

Reasons for Knee Pain

How to Deal With Knee PainIf you want to know how to deal with knee pain, you should also know the reason behind it.
Several types of diseases can cause knee pain, some of them include:

  • Tendonitis, or swollen tendons. When the tendons are overused, they become sore and swollen and can cause knee pain.
  • Osteoarthritis, a condition common among people above 60 years old. The joints often become stiff, swollen and painful.
  • Bursitis, a condition when the bursa or sac that serves as a cushion for the joints become overused. Bursitis may also be a result of a fall or bending repeatedly.
  • Dislocated knee cap, a condition when the kneecap gets out of its proper position causing pain and swelling of the knees.
  • Physical injuries common among runners and athletes are also prone to knee pain when they don’t use the proper running shoes or do not warm up before engaging into sports.

Furthermore, when previous causes of knee pains are not treated properly, the pain may still come back in the long run.

Ways to Deal with Knee Pain

There are several ways to deal with knee pain, and these vary according to their cause.

  • For athletes and runners, knee pain can be avoided by doing warm ups and choosing the right shoes. A typical pair of running shoes should be at least half an inch bigger than your usual shoes. Furthermore, warming up and exercise can help strengthen the knees and surrounding muscles.
  • Obese people who experience knee pains are encouraged to lose weight. Although the knees are designed to carry body weight, too much weight can take a toll on them.
  • Ice packs are often administered to lessen knee pain. Ice should not be directly applied on the skin; rather it should be wrapped with cloth or towel before pressing it into the knees.
  • You can deal with knee pain by strengthening it through exercise. However, it is not advised to do it over hilly terrains as this puts too much pressure on the knees and will worsen the pain.

When the knee pain worsens and becomes bothersome, there should be a more serious cause to it other than injury. It is advised to see a medical expert right away and see if it can be cured by taking a drug or supplement, or if a surgery is needed.

Bottom line

You are the master of your own body and you can prevent knee pain if you are conscious of your actions. The tips on how to deal with knee pain should come in handy, but the bottom line will always be prevention is better than cure.