How Society Views Obesity?

Erin Benjamin 

Even though millions of Americans are overweight thanks to super-sized portions and a love of processed convenience foods, there’s still a huge stigma about obesity out there today. It’s an interesting paradox in promotion of healthy weight loss and being skinny combined with apathy towards healthy lifestyles and acceptance of being overweight. For example, society continues to tell people that being skinny is better, but then companies turn around and encourage weight gain with massive portions and mega food combinations that are nowhere near healthy. As a general rule, society views obesity as something that is bad and unhealthy. It’s not helping itself fix the problem, though.

How Society Views Obesity?

There are still a lot of people who immediately look at anyone who’s overweight and assume they’re unhealthy. Even doctors have been notorious for assuming that health problems stem from weight issues for anyone who isn’t in the ‘healthy weight’ range. There are some cases where health issues and weight have nothing to do with each other, but this huge focus on obesity and the assumption that skinny equals healthy makes that difficult to see. Doctors can’t even understand that some health problems have nothing to do with weight, so it’s definitely an issue that needs addressed.

The topic of obesity is one that’s very carefully discussed, but facing serious debate these days. As more children are gaining weight and arriving at unhealthy sizes in their young lives, there is an outcry to do something. Still, sedentary lifestyles and convenient fast food diets are not helping people when it comes to being healthy or losing weight. It’s really important to take the time to learn about obesity, society’s expectations, and how to get healthy despite what everyone thinks or says about being overweight. Health is the first and foremost concern when it comes to weight loss, after all.

People do still look down on those who are overweight or obese. They automatically assume that they’re not healthy or that they aren’t as “good” as people who are skinny or weigh less. Somehow, society has been given the impression that if you aren’t skinny, you aren’t attractive, and this is hardly the case. There are so many societal misconceptions and a stigma surrounding obesity and that makes it hard for people to see the real point of being healthy when it comes to weight loss.