Have Fun and Stay Fit – Dancing as Exercise

Dancers are known for being trim and graceful. And there’s a reason for that: dancing is hard work. But it’s also a ton of fun, and that’s why dancers love what they do. Just because you’ve never had any professional training doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of dancing as a form of exercise. Many people dance for fun and fitness, and it shows in their trim bodies. Even if you feel like you can’t dance, there are classes suitable for beginners and for the rhythmically challenged that can help you to get the exercise you need with style and grace.

Have Fun and Stay Fit

Many people think that they can’t dance because they have no one to dance with. But when you dance for fun and fitness, the only partner you need is yourself. There are plenty of styles of dance in which the dancers either perform as a group, or you can even just dance as an individual. Line dancing can accommodate any number of dancers on the floor. Clogging and tap dancing allow you to create your own rhythms as you dance. Jazz is a high-energy style that is more athletic than many of the other styles. Ballet is an excellent option for improving agility, flexibility, and coordination.

There are many traditional forms of dance, but when it comes to dance for fun and fitness, non-traditional forms are often more popular. Hip-hop dancing is fun and easy to do. For those with a little more Latin flair, there’s Zumba, a new form of Latin dancing that doesn’t require partners. Modern dance bucks the traditions of ballet and emphasizes creativity. And belly dancing is a slower dance that nonetheless gives you a full-body workout. There are even classes these days for pole dancing and burlesque dancing, for those who like to keep things a little racier.

For those who do have partners to dance with, engaging in dance for fun and fitness is a great way to lose weight together, and even to bond and work together better as partners. Ballroom dancing is the most traditional form of partner dancing, and it’s beautiful and graceful. Latin ballroom is all about flair and fun. Swing dancing is energetic and bubbly, and there are plenty of lifts and throws to keep things interesting. Square dancing is a great family activity, and can be a lot of fun for the entire family, regardless of age.

Using dance for fun and fitness is not only lots of fun, but it’s great exercise. You’ll see a marked improvement in your body weight and muscle tone. You’ll also have more energy and alertness. You’ll be more flexible and agile, and your reflexes will improve. You’ll even gain strength. Dancing is a great way to take exercise and make it fun so that you don’t dread your workouts. Even if you don’t think you’re a very good dancer, the point is to get out there and have fun, to get active and to have a great time doing it.