Great Night’s Sleep – The Healing Power of a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleeping is simply the most time consuming thing humans do each day. You will spend easily a third of your life asleep and if you are injured they will become the most important aspect of your recovery. Each day you spend wearing your muscles down just doing the things a person does on a day to day basis. Your muscles and your body subsequently need time to rest and rebuild and that is where a great night’s sleep comes in.

Great Night's Sleep

Start by taking a look at what you are sleeping on. Generally speaking firmer mattresses will offer more support, but if you have a hard time sleeping on a firm mattress it’s not going to do you any good. The best idea is to take your time and try several options, coil-spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or even some newer beds with controls that inflate a pocket inside the mattress allowing you to adjust how firm or soft it is at any time. A great night’s sleep is your objective so find something that is suited well for the way you sleep. Some people use a folded towel or small blanket under a fitted sheet to provide support in places that the mattress isn’t supporting.

Now think about what position you are sleeping in. Do you sleep on you back or your side? These are said to be the best positions to sleep in as they provide the most stability and allow the muscles to relax more, but just like reviewing your mattress, when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep, the position you feel the most comfortable in is going to be the best for you to sleep in. Some people recommend using body pillows and essentially hugging them while on your side, because many people find sleeping on their side the most comfortable position, but the addition of the support from the body pillow makes it even better.

If you find yourself in pain or sore when you wake up then odds are good you are not giving yourself enough support. When your body is unsupported, it places tension on muscles, ligaments and joints for the entire duration you are sleeping so upon waking up when these parts never had a chance to rest, they tend to be sore. To get a great night’s sleep, try utilizing pillow or blankets to lift or adjust the places under tension. Other things you can do to help you sleep are ensure you are sleeping in a dark room, at an appropriate temperature, light can cause distractions and being too hot or cold wont will make it hard to get to sleep in the first place.