Great Conversations – Five Questions for Meaningful Conversation

There are few things more satisfying than carrying on in a meaningful conversation with an interesting person. The exchange of opinions and ideas can not only be entertaining but can also stimulate your thoughts and broaden your mind. Simple conversation is a basic skill that nearly anyone can master, but having a great, deep conversation involves a bit more work and honesty. You’ll need to trust the other party in order to get the most out of it, but it can be a rewarding process. Here are five great questions that can lead to truly meaningful conversation and why they are so profound.

Great Conversations
  1. What Do You Find Meaningful In A Relationship? – This question is one of the most profound you can ask another person. It may take them a good bit of time to come up with a response, but if they answer honestly it will likely lead to a fascinating discussion. If asked it yourself, you’ll likely find yourself digging through your entire life in order to formulate an answer. That is the key behind meaningful conversation.
  2. Which Would You Rather Be: Happy and Poor or Rich and Miserable – This is undoubtedly one of the oldest questions posed during conversation and one that can nevertheless lead to some of the most interesting conversations you’ll ever find yourself in. You can add another wrinkle to it by wondering if money can actually buy happiness, but taken at its core it is still a great question that will lead to meaningful conversation and surprising answers.
  3. What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up? – Asked in a slightly different form to nearly every child in the civilized world, this question will whisk you back to your childhood and conjure up nostalgia and fond memories along with creating a unique perspective for you now as you look back on your life. By recalling your dreams, ambitions, and naiveté, you’ll likely find yourselves engaged in deep, meaningful conversation that is at the same time boundlessly entertaining.
  4. Would You Rather Be Known for Doing Your Duty or Forging Your Own Path? – This question will lead you down an interesting conversation path that will raise questions of duty, responsibility, individualism, and leadership. Expect contradictions, passion, and deeply involved conversation to ensue after posing this question.
  5. In a Relationship, is it More Important to be Loved or Understood? – This question will help you gain an insight into your conversation partner’s inner heart and soul and help find out what is important to them as well as their opinions on matters such as love and acceptance.