Cut Calories without Going Hungry

There is a lot out there when it comes to weight loss and how to do it effectively. With so many different plans and fads to choose from and so much information, it can be hard to get the facts. Start with simple things like cutting calories and you will see a big change in your diet and your weight loss without having to stress about plans, trends, or whether you’re doing enough for your diet or not. Here are 12 great ways to cut calories that you’ll hardly notice in terms of hunger:

Cut Calories without Going Hungry
  1. Cut down on sugary drinks. If you switch out just one or two sodas or teas for water, you’re losing a lot of calories without even noticing.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol. Even light drinks have a lot of calories in them because alcohol is made with grains.
  3. Don’t eat from the bag. Anytime you’re having chips or other bagged snacks, get a bowl.
  4. Stop getting coffee and make it at home. Fancy coffee drinks taste good but they’re also full of calories. If you drink coffee at home, it’ll be better for you. It’s also cheaper.
  5. Don’t eat in front of the TV or computer. When you eat while doing another task, you tend to eat more.
  6. Stop drinking smoothies. A lot of healthy information says smoothies are good. They’re also full of calories.
  7. Choose sugar-free drinks or calorie-free sweeteners. Today, there are many alternative sugar products on the market that are healthier for you and that contain fewer calories.
  8. Think small in a big portion world. Don’t finish your plate or order the largest of anything. Eat a little less and you’ll still feel full.
  9. Watch out for processed foods. These often contain a ton of ingredients (and calories) you’re not aware of and won’t miss.
  10. Beware the healthy foods section. You’d be surprised what kind of calorie counts you’ll find if you read the labels first.
  11. Eat at home. Restaurants are nice, but they’re full of huge portions and empty calories you don’t really need.
  12. Cut pastas and breads. Your body needs some carbohydrates. You probably consume a lot more than necessary, though, and there are a lot of calories hiding in here. Make lighter choices.