Common Male Problems that Sets Off Sexual Dissatisfaction of Females

Going through male sexual problems is one of the hardest things for a man to admit. This could really be a big problem in itself as it can bring out other dilemmas that could affect one. For all you know, this is mostly the reason why some men cannot satisfy their partner’s sex drive.

As have been perceived by many, men always want to give out the best performance in the bedroom. Sadly, not all of them can do so which makes their partnersunsatisfied with their sex life. To know more behind this issue, we will be delving into most common sex problems that some men are going through right now.

Erectile dysfunctions

Common Male Problems Dissatisfied FemalesThis condition is what commonly known as impotence. To elaborate more, this is the inability for sustaining and/ or maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse. It happens due to blood flow related diseases which include atherosclerosis. Other diseases that could cause it are nerve disorders, chronic illness, and psychological factors such as stress can also cause erectile dysfunctions.

Ejaculatory dysfunctions

Ejaculatory dysfunctions may come in any of the following: premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation applies to the ejaculation that happens soon after or before penetration. Inhibited ejaculation refers to the ejaculation that does not occur and retrograde ejaculation refers to the condition when the ejaculate is forced back into the bladder. The first two kinds that were mentioned are usually caused by psychological factors. What possibly tops the list of common male sex problems is premature ejaculation. It mostly happens due to having a performance anxiety while having sex. As for inhibited ejaculation, people must know that that certain drugs, like anti-depressant, could cause the problems as it can cause nerve damage in the spinal cord.

For those males with diabetes, specifically those who are going through neuropathy or nerve damage , a male sexual problem common to them is the retrograde ejaculation. Such problem may happen in diabetic males because of problems with bladder nerves and bladder neck that permits the backward flow of the ejaculate. In general, people must be aware that medications especially those used for mood treatments triggers ejaculatory problems of males.

Low sexual interest (libido)

Another one of the common male sex problems is low libido or loss of libido which pertains to sexual interest that has been dropped off. It may be due to factors such as physical and psychological. With respect to physical factors, low libido is linked to low testosterone levels. Psychological factors like anxiety and depression could also trigger this dysfunction. And yet again, diabetes is linked to this problem as well as high blood pressure.


This is the list of the most common male sexual problems that men may encounter at some point in their lives. So if you are an unsatisfied partner, better look into it if your man is going through any of these kinds of problems and address it properly. A proper thing to do is to seek medical help so as to end his and your suffering and so that you have that sexual satisfaction that you’ve always wanted.