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Cellulite is located around the stomach, thighs, legs, and buttocks, and often has a dimpled, cottage cheese-like appearance. When fatty deposits are made between the connective tissue of the skin, they create that lumpy appearance and can be very troublesome for people who are self-conscious about their appearance. Many different factors are involved in the determination of whether you have cellulite or not, including how much fat you have, your diet, genetics, activity or exercise levels and skin thickness. There is no cellulite treatment that will cure this issue and people who have a genetic predisposition will find it hard to eliminate this issue. However, there are many treatments and products available that will help decrease the appearance of cellulite in the body. Medical treatments will not remove the cellulite completely, but they can reduce the visible appearance.

Cellulite Treatment

Liposuction – This type of surgery involves using a tube to suck the fat out of the tissues to create a slimmer figure and remove a lot of excess weight in a short amount of time. This is one of the most major procedures for cellulite treatment and it should not be taken lightly, by any means. Additionally, it isn’t really effective for cellulite because it works in deeper areas and not close to the skin, which is where cellulite is typically deposited. The results are generally temporary and might not be as effective as you expect.

Lipo Dissolve – This cosmetic treatment helps to dissolve cellulite deposits under the skin. By using things that are already present in the body, this cosmetic treatment helps remove small pockets of fat that is just below the level of cellulite. The result is a reduced appearance of cellulite, but it does take a long time to get results. Injections are typically made over a course of many weeks and they aren’t designed specifically for the treatment of cellulite.

Mesotherapy – This procedure is a series of injections, but these are made just below the skin surface to treat cellulite even better than other options. The dosage and ingredients used will vary depending on the amount of cellulite that is present. Additional treatments are generally required every 6-8 months for permanent results, but this treatment is one of the most effective for getting rid of cellulite. There is no cure, but this does offer ongoing results.

Cellulite cream – Products that are sold over the counter are often helpful in reducing the appearance of the cellulite under the skin. These are not medical treatments, of course, but they are very affordable and often offer some results for everyone. Most people won’t see significant results with OTC creams and products, but they can help keep the appearance to a minimum. This type of product does not eliminate cellulite but instead serves to improve its appearance from the outside.

Ultimately, exercise, a healthy diet, and attention to the areas affected by cellulite will generally help keep this issue under control. There is no guaranteed cellulite treatment, but these are all options that are available for people to try.