Cellulite Reduction – What Methods Are Available?

Cellulite reduction is big business. Up to 90% of women will have to contend with what’s known as orange peel syndrome at some point. When cellulite strikes is hard to say. Some women seem to get cellulite as soon as they pass puberty and other women don’t see cellulite until they are far into their forties or fifties. Lifestyle choices can play a role in the severity of cellulite including if you’ve ever given birth or if you smoke. That’s right, smoking makes cellulite worse. Cellulite effects women of all shapes and sizes and doesn’t discriminate, making cellulite reduction one of the top areas of focus in the health and beauty market.

To begin cellulite reduction, it just makes sense to take a look at what you can easily change around you. If you do smoke, quit. If you eat a lot of processed or fast foods, give them up. Drink plenty of water. It takes water to remove water trapped in the body. If you want long term cellulite reduction, exercise is going to have to become a consistent part of your routine. You must move your body to keep it looking and feeling in top condition. Think about adding natural home remedies to your routine like coffee scrubs, Epsom salt baths, and deep massage or dry brushing. These can also aid in cellulite reduction.

If you can afford the great expense of having endermologie treatments done at a spa or mesotherapy treatments done by mesosurgeon, you can do that. However, so far there is no real proof that these therapies provide huge cellulite reduction, yet the cost is exorbitant. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars a year when there are creams and lotions on the market today that do a wonderful job of cellulite reduction for a fraction of the cost. If you research ingredients, look up reviews, follow directions and make the product part of your daily life, cellulite reduction is pretty much a guarantee.

If you are waiting for the miracle cure that will provide overnight cellulite reduction to the point of it being almost invisible, you’ll be disappointed. The very best of cellulite reduction creams take time to work, usually about 6 weeks. Cellulite reduction along with an overall healthier look and feel to your skin will give you the boost of confidence you might have felt slipping away when cellulite ruled the way you dressed and the things you did. If you start now, by the time summer comes around you’ll be ready to face the world and show off your beautiful skin once again.