Cellulite Reducer – Is There a Product That Works?

With the swimsuit season almost on us, many women are thinking the same thing. I hate this cellulite. How do I find a cellulite reducer that will work? You’ve probably tried a product or two before now and been disappointed by how little of a change you saw in the dimpled skin that plagues your hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. You are not alone. The great news is that cellulite reducer products have come a long way in the last few years. When diet and exercise aren’t working, it’s time to add something to the mix that can jump start the change you have been longing to see.

When you start looking for a cellulite reducer that works the first thing you might want to do is decide if you’re looking for natural ingredients over chemical. While both can yield results, harsh chemicals in your cellulite reducer can be absorbed by the skin and cause damage you had not intended. Don’t hesitate to be proactive in your decision to add an anti-cellulite product to your goal of getting rid of ugly cottage cheese skin. Take the time to go online and visit product websites and read product reviews done by independent reviewers. You’ll find that several cellulite reducer products rank consistently in the top four of most reviews.

There are definitely certain ingredients you should be looking for in a cellulite reducer. Caffeine is probably the number one ingredient in most products. It begins to reduce stubborn cellulite on contact and can help reduce the swelling of weakened connective tissue. Glaucine is oil from the poppy flower that is similar to caffeine in its anti-inflammatory properties and may also help minimize water retention. Other ingredients in your cellulite reducer should include bladderwrack extract for removal of excess fluid, l-carnitine to help break down fat, and Vitamin C to aid in circulation and collagen production, to name a few.

Keep in mind before you purchase a cellulite reducer, you should never trust any product that promises immediate results. It takes time and a little patience before you will begin to see the changes your cellulite reducer can bring about. While you may, in some cases, see small changes in as early as two weeks, you should expect to wait about 6 weeks before really noticing the bigger improvements in your skin. When you’ve got a cellulite reducer that works, you will be amazed with the results and eager to greet the warmer months ahead with nothing less than confidence.