Cellulite Lotions – Natural Ingredients Are the Way to Go

Cellulite is a condition that will plague between 80-90% of women. Many people refer to cellulite as being an overweight woman’s problem; however cellulite formation is not caused by fat, itself. Cellulite is a combination of factors, including hormones and heredity. Smoking, age, pregnancies, diet, dehydration, and weight do play a role in the severity of cellulite and along with the use of an anti-cellulite product it’s recommended that you also make key changes to your lifestyle as well. Cellulite lotions can play a significant role in your anti-cellulite regimen, helping you take back and revel in the skin of your youth.

When you make the decision to start looking at cellulite lotions to add into your anti-cellulite plan, you will want to keep a close eye on the ingredients listed in the lotions. Not every product is alike and you really want to stay with products made withal natural ingredients, like Retinol-A, which is the purest form of Vitamin A, or caffeine, green tea, and seaweed, all of which are powerful stimulants. Other ingredients to look for in cellulite lotions include coenzyme-A, Vitamins C and E, glaucine, and centella asiatica extract. Cellulite lotions with these ingredients will help in minimizing your cellulite and improving the look and overall health of your skin.

When looking at the most well-received cellulite lotions on the market, Revitol was one of the top three products each time. Revitol contains caffeine and Retinol A and works by being applied topically to problem areas, encouraging increased circulation and aiding in lifting nutrients to the uppermost layer of your skin. Next, this cellulite lotion helps to tone your skin by going beyond the first layer of skin to the second, as well. Retinol A revitalizes connective tissues and skin cells and other ingredients like shea butter and horsetail extract work to increase your skins natural firmness. Unlike some cellulite lotions, Revitol comes with a 90 day refund guarantee.

Other highly received cellulite lotions include RevitaShape, Cellulite MD, Cellulean and Neutrogena’s anti-cellulite treatment. Each of these cellulite lotions are made of the highest quality ingredients and in just a few weeks’ time of daily use leave your skin looking much more smooth and shapely then when you started. Remember that not all cellulite lotions are created equally and it really does make sense to stay with those products that have been well reviewed and contain natural ingredients rather than products offering instant cures and containing chemicals that might do more damage than good. Treat the skin you’re living in with the very best of care.