Can Blood Pressure Medication Impotence?

High blood pressure does not carry much obvious symptoms, although it can greatly affect your sex life. The medication you take for high blood pressure may or may not cause impotence, depending on the kind of drugs you are taking. If you have high blood pressure and want to have satisfying sex at the same time, it is important to know what high blood pressure medication can cause impotence.

High Blood Pressure Drugs that Rarely Cause Impotence

Although you can never be sure that these drugs can 100% guarantee you that they will not cause impotence, studies found drugs of these kinds rarely cause impotence.

Angiotensin converting enzyme

Can Blood Pressure Medication Impotence?
  • Alpha- Blockers
  • Calcium Blockers

Angiotensin II receptor blockers

Angiotensin converting enzyme drugs are found to rarely cause impotence. In fact, studies show that it even helps prevent erectile dysfunction as it helps dilate the blood vessels and encourage the flow of blood to the penis.

Alpha and calcium blockers are also high blood pressure medication that does not cause impotence. On the contrary, these drugs have been found to help patients improve their sex lives. This was according to the study made on patients taking alpha blockers.

ARB’s or angiotensin II receptor blockers are also drugs found to help men with high blood pressure without affecting their sexual performance.

High Blood Pressure Drugs that Cause Impotence

Some drugs such as diuretics and beta blockers are linked to causing impotence among men. Diuretics are found to reduce the amount of zinc in the body, a nutrient essential in producing testosterone. Beta blockers on the other hand, tend to narrow down blood vessels which make it difficult for blood to fill the penis. If your doctor gives you diuretics or beta blockers as treatment for high blood pressure, ask him if these drugs may cause impotence. Your doctor may lower your dose or give you another prescription that can manage your blood pressure, at the same time lower your risks for erectile dysfunction.

What Your Doctor Need to Know?

Since some high blood pressure medication can cause impotence, it is important to tell your doctor all the medications you are taking – from vitamins, to supplements and OTC drugs. After carefully monitoring your blood pressure, your doctor may give you the go signal to lay low from the drug for a while. This will give you time to observe if the quality of your erection has improved.


Managing your blood pressure and at the same time keeping an erection is quite an endeavor for most men. Since some high blood pressure medication can cause impotence, it is important to determine if your drug is giving you this side effect. Furthermore, you can do so much better to improve your sex life than just depend on your medication. You can opt to live a healthy lifestyle as well as improve your communication with your partner. These things can definitely enhance your sexual life and overall health.