Build Muscle and Get Rid of Extra Weight

Erin Benjamin 

Most people don’t understand the relationship between muscle and fat in the body. They just assume that if they want to weigh less, they need to lose pounds. That includes pounds of any kind. What they don’t realize is that when you aren’t doing things properly, you’re actually encouraging your body to store more fat and keep your weight on. For example, people who fast or choose diets that involve drastic calorie reduction usually send their body into starvation mode. That means it preserves all calories and fat and won’t make it very easy to lose weight.

Build Muscle and Get Rid of Extra WeightBuilding muscle is actually a great way to lose weight if you’re trying to lose fat. The body consumes calories for energy and to turn into muscle. Anything else is either digested and eliminated or stored as fat, depending on your consumption. Because most people are eating more than ever and not exercising, the process of turning that food into muscle or body fuel gets lost and it simply gets stored away as extra pounds. That’s where the trouble comes in.

If you find a simple exercise routine that involves weight training, even just a few times a week, you will be able to increase your muscle mass. If you’ve ever noticed the weight differences in men and women, you’ll understand how this works. Men naturally have more testosterone, which promotes muscle development. This is why they tend to have less fat, comparatively, than women. Women have more estrogen, which promotes fat storage and weight gain, so they tend to have extra weight they don’t like.

What happens when you work out, regardless of your gender, is that you are increasing your testosterone levels in the blood. You are also activating your muscles and building them up. Building muscle helps reduce fat in the body. This means you’ll lose extra weight when you gain muscle. Weight loss isn’t the same for everyone, but this basic principle of the body’s use of calories and weight distribution is important to know so that you can get the weight loss results you deserve. Just remember more muscle equals less fat, and you’ll be on the road to success with this type of weight loss plan regardless of what you have in mind.