Brittle Nails – Get Back the Moisture

There are many people, not only women, who struggle with brittle nails. It is important to figure out why your nails are becoming brittle and then you can take the steps to fix them. Keep in mind that you may struggle with nails that are brittle more often while it is cold outside and the air is dry. However, some people have them all year around. You will know that you have nails that brittle when you notice that they are easily breaking as well as tearing and need to be filed quit often. Here are a few steps that you can begin with right now in order to ensure that your nails are no long brittle.

Brittle Nails

First of all, if you have brittle nails, you will want to start drinking more water. When your body is dehydrated, your nails will not retain moisture and grow properly. Most commonly, it is a good idea to drink sixty four ounces of water a day. Another thing that will cause your nails to be brittle is not moisturizing. Using a lotion multiple times a day will not only cause your nails to be healthier but your skin as well. Keep in mind that you will want to have a lotion that is not full of chemicals and perfumes. These types of lotions will dry out your nails and skin.

Another step you can take to rid yourself of brittle nails to make sure that you are not allowing chemicals ad soaps to get on your hands. These will cause the fibers of your nails to break down and then cause your nails to be brittle. A good idea is to wear dish gloves. You can even go one step further and wear cotton gloves under them so that the water that gets inside of the gloves will not wash away the oils you have worked so hard to build up.

When you want to get rid of your brittle nails, you can also make sure that you are not using nail polishes that will hurt your nails. Always read the labels and stay away from polishes that include formaldehyde in them. Also, petroleum jelly will help strengthen your nails as well as provide a barrier for chemicals and other toxins that you may be putting your hands in throughout the day. Having manicures done by a professional is another good way to bring your nails back to health.

Overall, when you take the time to make sure that your hands are properly protected and that you are continually moisturizing your hands, you will have less of a chance to get brittle nails. Also, if you take some time to eat foods that are higher in calcium and you make sure that you are taking daily vitamins, your nails will be very healthy. And of course, choosing not to bite them or pick and peel them will enable you to grow strong nails and for them to not be brittle and break off.
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