Discover the Best Ways to Lose Weight for Girls In 20s

Women during their 20’s have more tendency to lose weight easily than over 40’s because the metabolism prone to decrease with the age. Regular exercise and a proper diet is necessary to be followed by women in their 20’s and achieve the desire weight.

Reduce Calories

You can start by reducing the current intake by five hundred to thousand calories, it is an ideal way to start the diet, it helps you to shed 1 to 2 pounds on a weekly basis, The normal weight loss diet advise 1200 to 1600 calories per day and it is suitable for any women in their 20’s. Although if you are burning more fat and lose 2 pounds weekly then take an advice from the health care provider and slowly boost up your intake.

Increase The Intake Of Protein


Protein helps you to feel fuller for longer and in this way you eat less and shed extra pounds easily. Protein helps to boost up the energy levels. Choose seafood, lean meat, soy products, egg whites, unbreaded poultry, nuts, low fat dairy products, legumes, seeds and seitan. Just make a space for additional protein in your diet by reducing the intake of fats and carbs without go extra to your daily calorie intake.

Avoid Junk Food

Limiting junk foods is necessary of your goal. This is the one of the major and Venus factor to lose weight. Cut out the carbonated drinks from your diet as one can of carbonated drink contain about 150 calories. Replace these carbonated drinks with the herbal teas or water. Avoid eating sweets, potato chips, baked goods, refined grains, fried food and white bread.

Evaluate What You Eat

Whatever you eat and wherever you eat, calculate the calorie intake, in this way, you know how much calories you take and how much you exactly want.

Select Fiber

Fiber also helps to fill you up for longer. Women should consume 25 grams of fiber in her daily diet. Try to eat fiber rich legumes, fruits, veggies, seeds, whole grains and nuts. Fiber rich food helps in digestion and keep you full longer and energetic.

Do Exercise

The best way to reduce weight and burn fat is to do exercise daily. Try to do cardiovascular exercises and weightlifting. You can also do major exercises for muscles training twice in a week.

Don’t Skip Meal

Don’t skip the meal if you do then you will be less energetic, never starve yourself. The frequent meal helps you to make your metabolism strong ad you will be able to lose weight fast.

Proper Sleep

Inadequate sleep mess up with hunger hormones and you have little energy to do workouts for weight loss, aim yourself to take at least s7 hours’ sleep. It makes you fresh and energetic.