Best Way You Need To Know Before You Dye Your Lashes

What is Eyelash Dying?

Basically, if you’re not living under a rock, you quite possibly already know a person or two that dyes their hair. Honestly I even know a lot of people who don’t even know what their original root color is. Eyelash dyeing on the other hand is basically that, it is the process of dyeing your eyelashes, usually to a more dramatic and more drastic color. We all know how beautiful and mysterious dark eyelashes look which is exactly why treatments such as eyelash dyeing has slowly become popular nowadays.

Who Should Try It?

Dye Your Lashes

Eyelash dyeing would be advisable for women who have extremely blonde or light colored eyelashes. Sometimes no amount of mascara can help lashes that are practically white in color. However, a lot of women who have relatively dark eyelashes but still want to go for a sultrier and eye catching effect also choose to have their eyelashes dyed.

How to Safely Dye Your Eyelashes?

Before we tell you the step-by-step guide to how eyelash dyes are applied it is important to stress that we are firm believers of having this process done at a salon or anywhere as long as it is done by a professional or someone who has had plenty of experience. Sure it will set you back around twenty to forty dollars, that’s alright as long as you are safe and no harm comes to your eyes.+

  • The most important step is to do your research first. Look for salons in your area that have good feedback.
  • Decide on which color dye you want. The more basic choice would be either black or brown depending on your hair color. However a lot of wildchilds will choose a more drastic color like blue black.
  • The first thing the esthetician will do will apply a cream unto your eye area. This serves as a protective barrier for your skin and eyes.
  • The dye is then applied directly to your lashes so be careful not to budge and remember not to make any sudden movements!
  • Now you can let the dye set. It only takes about 10 minutes.
  • Any amount of excess dye will be removed and also any staining on your skin. Remember to point out any staining your esthetician may have missed!

Also, remember to take off your contact lens when having this procedure done. And if you start to feel tingly burning sensation then it is best to run your eyes under cold water, this reaction is a side effect of the hydrogen peroxide.

How to Safely Remove It?

The safest way would to just let it fetter out since the say will probably last only three months, if you’re not using an glycolic based creams of course as this can fade the color of the dye.

However if you really want to remove the dye you can do so using petroleum jelly, any natural oil, warm water and of cours a good enhance eyelashes makeup remover.

Is Eyelash Dying Safe?

The answer to this question has to be qualified. On a more scientific label the answer has to be no since the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America and also health Canada are vehemently against eyelash dyes. This is because no matter how safe they say their product is (some companies even advertise their vegetable base dye) all their products still contain hydrogen peroxide that is purely chemical and can cause allergic reactions in some people.

However a lot of people still recommend having your eyelash dyed (especially for those that don’t have much of a choice because their eyelashes are so light) as long as it is done by a highly skilled and experienced professional.

Who Should Avoid Eyelash Dying?

It is not advisable to have your children undergo this cosmetic procedure since children’s skin is so sensitive. The chance of an allergic reaction occurring heightens when the customer is a child.


Eyelash dyeing is a great option for those that really need it but because of the safety hazards it poses, we think that maybe it is best to just settle with our mascara and eyeliner for now.