6 Natural Home Remedies to Grow Your Eyelashes Longer

Our eyes enhance our facial appearance. It therefore does not come as a surprise why much attention is given to the eyes especially with the ladies. The application of make-up around the eyes is all in an attempt to make your eyes ‘pop’. Due to this beautifying factor and other functional aspects such as eye protection, our eyelashes are very important. Notably, the eyelashes as any other hair on the body grow at a relatively slow rate. Most individuals would want them looking long, thicker and luscious. This has led to the use of harmful eye make-up in a bid to attain the desired results. Weak, brittle eyelashes that break off have thus developed. In some instances, eye infections that have later resulted into eyelash loss have occurred. To avoid further damage to the lashes and to correct the existing problem, home remedies can be used.

Instead of visiting the doctor with mild lash problem, try solving your problem in the comfort of your home. This will assist you in saving money. There are varieties of home remedies that work to make your lashes long, thick and healthy.

Olive Oil

Growing Eyelash Enhancers

Oils rich in vitamins and minerals such as olive oil thicken the lashes. The vitamins and minerals present in the olive oil provide the necessary nutrients that are required in the growth of long, thick and healthy lashes. Olive oil further prevents the breakage of lashes by adding moisture to them to avoid brittleness.

Petroleum Jelly

Such products may include Vaseline or any other pure petroleum jelly applied on the body. Petroleum jelly, when applied to the eyelashes makes them grow long. The application of this remedy is quite simple. The individual needs to cleanse the face before starting the application. Once cleaned, a clean eyelash brush is used to apply the petroleum jelly as close as possible to the root of the eyelashes. This is done daily during the night before retiring to sleep. The petroleum jelly is later washed off every morning during the cleansing process.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered as an enhance your eyelashes conditioner. It is contained in fruits and some natural oils. By applying these oils to your lashes, they get moisturized thus reducing brittleness and breakage. Moreover, they also assist in the thickening of the lashes and other body hairs.

Application of Green Tea

The use of cold unsweetened tea acts as a hair stimulant. The presence of caffeine stimulates the growth of healthy eyelashes. In addition, it also maintains long lashes.

There are other ways to grow your lashes back including eyelash growth products. Many of these products are sold in cosmetic shops. Such products may include:

Use of Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost consists of stimulants that enhance the growth of hair in the body. It works by activating various components in the root of the hair follicles. These components facilitate and stimulate the growth of hair including the lashes.

Applying False Lashes

Using false lashes offers your natural lashes support as they grow. As well, false lashes do not require make-up application. This leaves the natural lashes clean thus enhancing a healthy growth.

Eyelash Enhancers And Lash Lengthening Gel

These are products that when applied to the eyelashes, they stimulate lash growth. Such products contain lipids that aid in the growth of body hair. The presence of lipids lengthens and strengthens the eyelashes.

It is very important to wash your face and especially around the eye sections. Working on a clean surface forms the basis on which home remedies and other eyelash growth products can also work on. Moreover, a cleansed face and clean eyelashes reduces the risk of reaction between the different types of remedies and your eye makeup. In turn, this reduces the risk of eye contaminations and infections thus avoiding more eyelash loss. The type of care you give to your eyes determines the results you will get. Good eye hygiene and the use of quality eye products go a long way in protecting your eye and the eyelashes. When eyelash loss occurs, home remedies are the quickest way to attend to the problem before it escalates. This will rejuvenate your lashes lengthening and strengthening them for a healthy growth. If eyelash loss continues, seek the services of a medical physician for further diagnosis and help.