6 Best Anti-Aging Tips for Healthy Skin Care

With the current lifestyle habits, you will notice that people seem to look older than their identification. Many individuals are trying to find a remedy to staying young while at the same time reducing the effects of aging. We all want a smooth wrinkle free skin. Problem is that we are trying all types of methods to achieve this objective. Individuals have resulted to harsh remedies that include chemicals and worse plastic surgery. The following should relieve you as you find out more natural home tips that will keep your age a secret longer than you can believe.

Step 1: Shun the Sun

Anti-Aging Tips

You need vitamin D from the sun which is an essential nutrient in our body. The problem arises when you expose your skin to the harsh ultra violet rays from the sun. It is advisable that you get your vitamin D with the early morning sun. The direct strong sun’s rays are dangerous and will negatively affect your skin’s health. It is during this time that you should shun the sun. damage cannot be seen right there and then. It starts small and over time, the effect is worse than you can control.

This is the more reason to shun the sun from a tender age. Since you cannot avoid the outdoors completely, you can use a good sunscreen with an SPF of 15 and above to act as a shield thus protecting your skin. In addition, you can opt for UVA filters. These include mexoryl or helioplex. Other than UVA filters, include products with antioxidants as they are known to boost the effects of sunscreen. A more natural remedy is for you to wear hats and sunglasses.

Step 2: Smooth Lines with Retinoids

Retinoids which are vitamin A derivatives are known to increase the production of collagen as well as promote anti aging skin care. In this, they leave the skin soft and the present fine lines fade gradually. According to research, this is the best alternative to getting rid of fine lines. It is advisable that you get a prescription for this. The effects will start showing gradually and in the long term, you are definitely going to be looking several years younger. Though there may be some side effects that may lead to peeling of the skin’s top layer and some redness, this is in the short term.

Step 3: Load up on Antioxidants

Antioxidants are responsible for neutralizing free radicals. These radicals are responsible for the aging effects and in the long term, they may cause skin cancer. Our environment is full of toxins that arise from pollution and smoke particles. Since you cannot avoid them all the time, antioxidants will protect your skin against these damages. To obtain this, you should consume a diet that includes foods rich in vitamin C & E. it is also important that you eat healthy including whole grain meals, fruits and vegetables.

Step 4: Sleep Well

Lack of sleep leaves you feeling tired all the time as you do not rest and allow your body function as expected. Another sign would be red puffy eyes that make you look older than you actually are. As a result of fatigue, stress hormones increase which causes a breakdown in skin collagen. It is best that you set time aside that is dedicated to sleep. Prior to this, you are required to prepare yourself psychologically by avoiding any strenuous or involving activities. This is not to say that you become lazy, it only means that you should create a balance between work and rest.

Step 5: Exfoliate Gently

Natural aging comes with its faults. As you age, you will notice that your skin becomes drier and rougher as a result of dead cells settling on the surface. Exfoliating can be done by scrubbing your face. This removes the dead skin and increases collagen production. As a result, your skins looks more radiant and feels smoother. Your skin is able to function better thus keeping it healthy. In this, you promote hydration and a better penetration and functioning of antioxidants and retinoids. Use a scrub that is smooth to your hand with round particles to avoid damaging your skin. Remember to carry out this process regularly for best results.

Step 6: Add Moisture

It is important to moisturize your skin as it leaves it smooth and remove skin pigmentation. This is the process by which it hydrates skin thus improving aging signs such as wrinkling and lose skin. Hydrators work in two ways. One is by drawing water into the skin and secondly by retaining the already existing water. If you are prone to acne, avoid oil moisturizers such as coconut oil and olive oil.

By following these tips, you should be able to look and feel younger. It is up to you to reveal your actual age or not. All in all, they are functional and they the earlier you start the better. They are less expensive and do not include painful procedures.