10 Easy Ways to Sexier Abs

Many of us dream to get sexy abs. A flat stomach means fitting into clothes without the ugly bulges and flaunting a beach body this bikini season. There are several ways to get sexier abs, from hardcore workouts to fad diets. But there are FUN ways to do this without spending much time and money.

Walk in Heels

Women who often wear heels put extra pressure in tightening their abs. It would also be great because wearing heels puts your chin and shoulders up. It’s not only good for the posture, but also makes the stomach appear flat.

Engage in Pillow Fight

10 Easy Ways to Sexier AbsPillow fights may seem silly, but they can actually help you burn at least 200 calories. Aside from using your arms, you are also using your legs and almost every muscle in the body.

Laugh Often

And while you’re in a pillow fight, laughing may come as inevitable. It is a good thing to laugh because it causes contractions in the stomach which also helps you burn calories.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathing in and out is more than just a good form of meditation and breathing exercise. It is also a good way to get sexier abs. All you have to do is hold your stomach in and out for 10 seconds. This is a good exercise during idle times at work or when you have to take a break.

Carry the Goods

Taking a trip to the grocery store can also help you in your goal for a flatter tummy. When you need to lift up your groceries, follow this particular position: bend your knees, pull your tummy in and do not slouch.

Sit Properly

Your job might require you to sit behind the computer for an extended period of time. The good thing about this is that you can still flatten your belly by sitting straight, holding the stomach in and then releasing it out. It’s an ab exercise you can do even when you’re working.

Bread and Water

If you live on bread and water, you are also likely to get sexier abs faster. Opt for brown bread as it is full of fiber and speeds up the digestion. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and your metabolism will become faster than ever.

Do the Air Bicycle

Air bicycles are more than just commercials, they have truth to them. Doing air bicycles require you to lie on your back and move your legs as if riding a bicycle. This exercise is particularly good for the lower portion of your stomach.

Stomach Pinches

You can also reduce stomach fat if you do stomach pinches. This exercise requires you to take a portion of the fatty area in your stomach, hold and then release it. Repeat this exercise for several times a day for 5 minutes and soon you will notice the difference.

Clean the House

Cleaning the house entails you to walk around, bend and pick something out and do it all over again. This activity is a good calorie-burner and the constant bending and picking also help create contractions and pressure into the stomach.


While you’re doing these easy exercises, remember the following: Do not skip meals. You can eat small portions spread throughout the day but do not ever skip a good healthy meal. Drink lots of water and do cardio workouts as much as you can. You can never substitute a healthy meal and a good exercise to get sexier abs.